Welcome to the VAHNZ Scale from The RWNB Company and Wisecracking Family Entertainment, soon more information and activity will be done with this system but first we are getting some details ironed out! 

The VAHNZ Scale
of Value and Honesty

V = very honest
14 the best values displayed
13 very good for the family
12 a healthy choice

A = almost honest 
11 good enough for family
10 almost the best but still
9 its good to use caution

H = half honest 
8 some things are unhealthy 
7 not too harmful if taken
6 only in small doeses

N = not too honesty 
5 this is tricky and 
4 not for everyone
3 avoid for the most part

Z = zero honesty
2 unsafe - there is no value 
1 it's really bad please stop
0 dangerous look away 


go to http://rwnb.com/  and  http://wisecracking.com/  for more information!  

Wisecracking Family Entertainment is proud to give The RWNB Game a score of V12 on The VAHNZ Scale of Value and Honesty.

The game promotes friends and family to play together and is of a patriot nature.

However the reason we did not give it the maxium high score of V14 is because it does not teach or promote any message and the highest scores are reserved for live events and broadcasts that inspire people to act.

Still a quality game and Wisecracking Family Entertainment recommends The RWNB Game for family fun and together time with a VAHNZ score of V12